21st Century High School

Education Plus Health operates a 21st Century After School Program with school partner Building 21. Building 21 public school is a joint venture of the
School District of Philadelphia and non-profit organization New Venture Fund. The school uses a unique blended learning model where students create
their own self-paced learning pathways and choose from a variety of instructional models. The 21st Century After School Program complements and
enhances the school curriculum with lessons taught after school by the teachers and other creative partners for literacy applied through creative writing, poetry, and dance. The program seeks to decrease absenteeism and increase academic outcomes by engaging and wrapping with academic and social
supports those students most at-risk for poor outcomes.

Host Partner :

Building 21 High School 2000 N. 7th Street Philadelphia PA 19122
To partner with the Education Plus Health Building 21 After School Program contact Kevin Gold, Program Director at kevin@educationplushealth.com.