About Us

Education Plus Health is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization formed in Idaho in 1982 to operate supplemental testing services for students, in order to determine educational needs related to learning differences and capabilities, with the goal of improving and developing competencies and outcomes through tutoring and other special programming.

In 2009, Education Plus Health expanded its reach to Pennsylvania, bringing on new management and board leadership with expertise in education (e.g. special education, higher education, and cyber education) and health (e.g. federally funded health clinics, convenient care, and school health clinics), and subsequently established the Education Plus Health Pennsylvania office. This focus grew out of the collective realization that education and health outcomes are interrelated, with the vision of improved access to high quality health and educational outcomes for marginalized communities.

Since 2010, the PA office has grown to operate more than two dozen school based health centers, in partnership with National Nursing Centers Consortium and area public charter and private schools, a 21st Century After School Program at Building 21 public high school, and a post-secondary Harcum College site at Diversified Community Services, in partnership with Harcum College and I-LEAD. Scaling and replication of high impact models continues to be the focus, providing technical assistance and consultation as needed to new and evolving organizations that share our vision.