Welcome to Education-Plus, Inc.

Education-Plus, Inc. d/b/a Education and Health Innovations in Pennsylvania is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization that improves education and health outcomes and disseminates innovations and best practices. Education-Plus, Inc. supports children and families by providing educational services such as academic benchmarking, general and special education, accelerated education opportunities and access to high-quality health care and health education to students in their schools. Education-Plus, Inc. engages in scaling and replication of high impact models, consulting and technical assistance to other organizations, and the promotion of promising practices within education and health through the dissemination of articles and publications in educational journals.

Education-Plus, Inc. d/b/a Education and Health Innovations in Pennsylvania provides services in the following areas: School Health Clinics, High School to College Access and Completion Pipelines, K-12 Blended Learning specialized in Special Education Students, and Dissemination of Innovative Social Practices toward Social Impact.

“Mary Schuler has been a Godsend to our homeschool family.  Not only are my sons reading and they now say they like “school”, but even my children who do not go to her for tutoring have benefited because I have incorporated her excellent phonics and math programs into our curriculum.”

Julia, Mother of 7