Meeting Common Goals

High Impact
Education Plus Health implements school-based academic and healthcare programs that decrease systemic costs and inefficiencies while providing access to high quality, holistic care for underserved student populations.

Education-Healthcare Loop
We understand that a student’s health and academic performance are inextricably linked. Our healthcare centers help to create a closed loop of care and communication that gives students the best possible opportunities to succeed academically.

Continuum of Care
We ensure that no student falls through the cracks by providing a network of academic and medical care that links the student, caretaker, SBHC, school staff and administration, and primary care provider together.

Building Bridges
By creating a cohesive and positive rapport with school staff and administration, healthcare providers, and caretakers, we build trust in the organizational process to ensure that all students are receiving the comprehensive attention and care they need.

New Model

Scalable Social Innovation
We design new, scalable systems of care that address the fundamental medical and academic challenges that come from a lack of access to pediatric medical care and wellness education. Our SBHCs and afterschool programming are combined to create measurable impacts on health and academic performance.

An Evolutionary System
Our responsive system of care relies on input from participants, caretakers, staff, and partners to offer flexible programming that ensures a healthy and academically successful student.

The Hybrid Model
We find new ways to leverage insurance dollars with public funding to create sustainable, scalable in-school healthcare centers that serve more students.

School-Based Programming
We are the only organization in the region working within schools to provide high quality diagnostic and preventative healthcare and afterschool programming that adapts to the resources and time constraints of students, caretakers, and school staff.