Tine Hansen-Turton, MGA, JD, FCPP, FAAN

Tine is known as a social entrepreneur and successful policy advocate who has started several national and global social and public innovations in the health and human services sectors. For the past two decades she has also been instrumental in positioning advanced practice nurses and nurse practitioners as primary health care providers globally. She is internationally known for her work in successfully directing the policy strategy for the consumer-driven retail clinic movement that has taken the country by storm, as well as the nurse-managed health clinic movement that uses nurse practitioners as primary care providers to increase accessible, affordable, quality care for all. Tine is currently the Chief Executive Officer for Woods Services, and most recently served as Chief Operating Officer of Public Health Management Corporation (www.phmc.org), the largest nonprofit public health organization in Pennsylvania. As part of her COO role, Tine also served as CEO of the National Nursing Centers Consortium (www.nncc.us), a nonprofit organization supporting the development of over 500 nurse-led health clinics serving more than 2.5 million vulnerable people across the country in urban and rural locations. Additionally, she serves as the founding Executive Director for the Convenient Care Association (www.ccaclinics.org), the national trade association of over 1,800 private-sector retail clinics. The retail clinic industry, recognized by Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen as a disruptive health innovation, currently provides basic health care services to 20 million people annually across the country.

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